I was on SPI’s podcast tonight. Here’s the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/stateparanormal/2012/08/20/ghost-of-south-carolina-with-guest-tally-johnson… check out the archives! More later!

Howdy folks!

Back home from Fandom Fest to a tree down across the road at our driveway after a helluva storm last night (not a very restful night, but that’s why i took the day today). Excellent Con in Louisville as always, Stephen Zimmer puts together a great Literary track and seeing old pals and making new ones is always good. BUT it is 8 hours away…

Left at 4AM Friday solo (the wife went early with a friend) and headed up to Spartanburg on SC 9, then onto I-26 to I-40 in Asheville…then I-40 to Knoxville. It was 78 degrees when I left home and at 730 in Canton NC…57 degrees (HEAVENLY). 2 stops for gas , two for potty breaks and 2 welcome centers. Then up I-75 to Lexington KY and over to Louisville on I-64… at the Galt House lobby at 1230. Had a full round of panels, including the “How to be a Panelist” panle which was the best attended one all weekend and should be mandatory for all cons. Did a pitch session Saturday afternoon with BlackWyrm Publishing and will send them something this week… Looks promising on both ends. Ate at the Troll Pub Friday night (YOU MUST GO THERE IF YOU ARE EVER IN LOUISVILLE) and at the Old Spaghetti Factory Saturday (if you have one close,  I envy you). Saw many many folks too many to mention, but I want to give props to our buddy Selah…con virgin and just about ran the joint after the first day). All my peeps did very well in panels and at the table.

The wife and I left at about 230 yesterday afternoon. Had to lap downtown Louisville due to exit closures on I-64…a bad omen. Got to Lexington in good time and got a heads-up about a rock-slide on Jellico TN on the KY state line…only one lane open. Our pal Crymsyn Hart (a most excellent author) told us about the detour via US 25E and US 25… well I forgot the US 25 part and we stayed on US 25E through some awesome countryside (HOLY COW at the views!) and wound up on I-81 and jumped back on I-40 only about 30 minutes off Friday’s pace.

Then my beloved mentioned that she had never been to Gatlinburg TN… so away we went…the back way via US 321.  And it was as tacky as I remembered and she was dumbfounded by Myrtle Beach North.  HOWEVER, traffic (as usual) SUCKED, so I couldn’t jump on 4411 to escape and headed out towards Smokies National Park…Since it was still daylight, no worries and  I knew Cherokee was just over the hill (lol) but it was pushing 8 and we hadn’t eaten since Louisville either. Gassed up in CHerokee and decided against hitting the casino even to just eat and headed through Maggie Valley and I-40. Ate in Canton NC about 11 and hit the hay at 2, after calling the DOT to clear the tree.

Now to rest up for tomorrow and see if the wife’s cousin can come tote off the remains. I hate the neighbor’s fence got crushed but…

If you read this after 230PM on Friday 6/29/12…I will be at Fandom Fest. If you’ve grabbed one of my cards and am curious about what’s up…look around in the archives. I write true ghostlore books, almost all on SC. I can do ghost stories on anywhere and I work cheap for schools and libraries. I also write fiction. I work in a library…am married (no younguns yet)… I have plenty of friends and… well, just look around, buy my books and say HI! if you’re at Fandom Fest…


Had a blast at ConCarolinas this past weekend… Met all the members of the Carolina Ghostbusters…very kewl folks who know their stuff and make it entertaining. Had fun with old friends like Tina McSwain from CAPS, Tonya Denny from Winston-Salem Paranormal and Chris Rushing and his crew from State Paranormal in Gastonia and the multi-skilled Cheralyn Lambeth… Enjoyed seeing folks on Author’s Alley. Shared a table with the missus, Siobhan Kinkade, and Crymsyn Hart. Had a blast with the parents, who seemed to really have a good time. Only ate at Smokey Bones once, but it was with Randy Richards and Nicole Kurtz (and the folks) so that rocked. Got to see Marcia Colette and her lil’un too…always a great thing. Next year, we stay at the Hilton and party ALL the weekend! Come see us!


Next up…Storytelling at Sparta, Pilot Mountain and Mount Airy NC this week (more to come on facebook on that time-wise) and then FAMDOM FEST!

I know some folks grabbed my card  at ConCarolinas this weekend and I just want to say HI! I will post a con wrap-up in the next day or two.

Howdy Folks!!!

I know some folks grabbed my card  at ConCarolinas this weekend and I just want to say HI! I will post a con wrap-up in the next day or two.

Back in the Saddle

Yeah, I know, I’m an awful blogger, but between RL, new boss at work and etc, I have excuses. Anyway, this weekend is MystiCon… the 24th-26 at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood in Roanaoke Va. I dig this con because it’s the first non-Carolinas con I got an invite too, it’s where the wife’s family is from on her mom’s side (as well as my aunt Mary Ann’s), and it’s in some beautiful country. My schedule is up on my FB page and y’all come see me. I’m working on the Civil War Ghosts of SC book… which has a deadline LOOMING.


Work has been hectic. The new Director is good, but wowza, I’m busier now than I was when I was interim. Y’all buy the books and I’ll try to do better with the whole blog thing…

New boss is working us but knows her stuff… still working on SC Civil War ghosts books for this spring…am confirmed as guest for Fandom Fest and MystiCon…


Now that I have your attention…get thee to iTunes pronto. They have their usual freebies…AND a six song Bob Seeger EP…and if you download iTunes for Facebook, you can get a 15 song sampler of acts from Austin City Limits… That’s 23 FREE songs for a few minutes’ wait. Go already…I will TRY to be back here tomorrow with like actual writing type stuff, or whining about work depending…

Well, I survived another romp in the woods. Stone Mountain State Park (NC) is beautiful. The Stone Mountain Falls are 200+ feet and gorgeous, but the 300 stairs whooped me. Of course the 1.2 mile round trip hike didn’t help. The 1.2 mile hike to the backcountry campsites wasn’t a picnic either since the first half was all uphill. Once we hit Widows Creek proper it was ok. We were surrounded on 3 sides by mountains, one rising straight up from the creek. The campsite was about 50 feet from a 20 foot waterfall and we had it all to ourselves. The rain held off. We heard Great Horned and Screech Owls, saw 2 deer and heard 2 more. It was nice, but it wore me out.