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Novel Outline

Well…after 3 books of non-fiction and a book of short stories…and dozens of burnt-out plot bunnies… I’m going to try a novel. Working on the sketch of an outline now…

May post it later today. Feel free to rip it to pieces…


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Here I am!

Howdy y’all…feel free to go pick up one of my true books of South Carolina ghostlore from the History Press (by Tally Johnson) or either an e-copy or paper copy of Creek Walking (from Sugar and Spice Press and on amazon) to get a taste of what’s to come…

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Now that this thing-a-majig is up, let’s make some things perfectly clear (to paraphrase one of my LEAST favorite Presidents)…

First, all comments, thoughts, opinions and etc are my own. The library I work for, either of my publishers, nor my friends and family either endorse or will agree wth most of the stuff post hereto.  Any printing out and or re-posting of these posts will lead to much growling and some flowery profanity. Basically, if you don’t like what’s on here for whatever reason…DON’T FLIPPIN’ READ IT!

Second and last for now- I’ll try to hide RL ids as needed, but if you think something applies to you in particular, ASK ME before you get crabby.

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