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Good Lord…

This week has been a total and absolute SUMBITCH so far.


That is all.


But congrats to Rooster and his loverly missus for the looming arrival of another godchild for my menagerie…lol. It’s been one of the few highlights.


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Here’s a few songs to improve your weekend…

1-Tom Smith: The Illuminati Polka

2- Grandpaboy: Vampires and Failures

3-Jonah Knight: Someday We’ll All Be Ghosts

4- The Skeletons: Country Boys Don’t Cry

5-Carl Douglas: Kung Fu Fighting

6-The Beatles:Paperback Writer

7-Beth Ditto: I Wrote the Book

8-George Thurogood: I Drink Alone

9-Stars: I Died So I Could Haunt You

10-Tom Smith: Rich Fantasy Lives

11-Bravo Johnson: Ship of Fools


That should wet y’all’s whistle for a bit…


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Concarolinas was this past weekend and it rocked, as usual. The panels were informative, the guests were great (mostly), the fans were out in force and I had a blast. It was my first con as a paranormal guest instead of the usual writer and it was good. I am now the researcher for both Winston Salem Paranormal Society and CAPS (the Charlotte Area Paranormal Society).  I may have lined up some ghost story gigs for next fall.

Had good folks come with…Alexandra Christian (the hot romance author), Amy and Michael, and my folks came up for Friday evening and had a blast too.


Can’t wait for fandom fest in July, but it has a bunch to live up to…


Playlist coming soon…

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The pending DC reboot should send me into a nerd-rant of epic proportions…but I really don’t care. Continuity is dead and so messed up that not even a PhD can keep it straight. I’d hope they’d leave the numbering on Action and Detective Comics alone to honor what’s come before, but…meh. After Marvel had Spidey make a deal with the “Devil” to end his marriage AND brought back Bucky…the rage factor is gone. And Lord knows, no one in my immediate circle cares. The same day digital comic/ in-store release thing from DC is actually interesting, but I hope my 2 go-to funny book shops survive it. At least some of the Indy comics I read are still good…Time Lincoln and The Sixth Gun especially so, as is American Vampire by Vertigo.


Survived the 16+ mile round trip up Mt Rogers last weekend…did 8+ miles UPHILL on Saturday in 6.5 hours and 7 and change downhill in about 5. It was pretty, the ponies were cute, but the exertion nearly KO’ed me.  But the drive both ways was nice and fairly stress-free…highly recommend it to any scenery or ridin’ junkies.


Work’s been so hectic that the novel is still waiting for an honest effort.

On the bright side, hopefully tomorrow I’ll post another playlist or two of cheap music…



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Howdy folks…

Been a busy few weeks for ole Puddin’ between having to buy a ton of new DVDs for work, spend out our stimulus funds on much-needed “lieberry” supplies, do the death-trek up Mount Rogers with Rooster, and get ready for ConCarolinas again, this time as a paranormal guest. Oh yeah, I’ve bought more 2 for a buck CDs so a new playlist will be along soon. Details and more to follow…

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