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Well, I survived another romp in the woods. Stone Mountain State Park (NC) is beautiful. The Stone Mountain Falls are 200+ feet and gorgeous, but the 300 stairs whooped me. Of course the 1.2 mile round trip hike didn’t help. The 1.2 mile hike to the backcountry campsites wasn’t a picnic either since the first half was all uphill. Once we hit Widows Creek proper it was ok. We were surrounded on 3 sides by mountains, one rising straight up from the creek. The campsite was about 50 feet from a 20 foot waterfall and we had it all to ourselves. The rain held off. We heard Great Horned and Screech Owls, saw 2 deer and heard 2 more. It was nice, but it wore me out.


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What do y’all have planned for this weekend? Me and Rooster are heading up to Stone Mountain State Park up near Roaring Gap, NC…no NOT the one with the Confederates carved on the side. We will be on the Widows Creek Falls trail. It’s 2.5 miles and is rated strenuous… we will see how this goes. I’m a bit too fat and smoke WAY too much for anything strenuous, as Mt. Rogers proved. But 2.5 beats 8.5, so we will see. I’m packed and ready. Just need to buy some grub and some rope for the tarp over the hammock in case it rains.

On the writing front, I’m still retired/blocked. I’ve printed out all of the current fiction WIPs and non-fiction outlines to see if anything sparks off, but nothing yet.I have hope, but we will see.

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One of the great things about being a writer of ghost stuff is going to cons all over the place…and then buying books there. An example of this happened in Louisville for Fandom Fest last month. I bought a copy of Weird Kentucky and saw a story about the alleys of Louisville and how great they were for dumpster diving (for trash to treasure folks) and for avoiding traffic. This reminded me of my story Creek Walking and of the joys of what we called “back alleys” on the mill hill. The best ones were paved and offered all manner of fun… some offered spots for rock (and root) climbing training; others offered ideal spots for showing off a la Evel Kenevel. All allowed preteens to travel from one end of town to the other unobstructed and we thought unobserved, hence their popularity for smoking and underage drinking, when we could swipe a beer or two.  The only threats we worried about was the occasional unfriendly dog, garbage trucks, and the rare case of double parking, since most folks just parked on the street in front of their houses, especially after the old wooden garages were outgrown by the land yachts folks drove in the late 70s. When I’m home visiting my parents, I still get to drive on the one behind their place and it always takes me back to being that boy with the bowl cut and cigarette, riding his ten-speed back from the library through the mill parking lot with his books in a bag over the handlebars, saying to himself, “Ya know, if I put a big enough ramp at the bottom of this hill and the gravel didn’t mess it up, I bet I could jump over the kudzu, creek AND highway and then just ride on over to Mama’s…”

One of these days, I will need to try that. I wonder what Blue Cross would say about that. Of course I can guess what the wife would say… and I’d need a new bike. Ten-speeds don’t like Buicks, but that’s a tale for another time.

Next…more cheap music playlists…



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