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Howdy from sunny SC…

Made it back home last night about 1030…left Louisville at about 130PM, so a 9 hour drive home after a 8 hour drive up on Friday. The drive up and back were both AWESOME!!! I-75 and I-64 were both smooth sailing with beautiful views…and of course I-40 and I-26 aren’t scenic slouches either. I was good and DIDN’T scrape off the con to go sightseeing, despite many temptations…Henry Clay’s estate, Boone’s Tavern, Cumberland Gap (and the tunnel), KY State Capitol, U of Louisville, UK, UT ,any of the dozens of rock cuts and river gorges, and etc… In fact we (Rachel and I) arrived geeked up and ready for a kick-butt weekend…SIGH.

We got to the hotel about 3 and went to check in to our King room that we reserved back in late March or Early April…and the wheels flew off… Ah the Fern Valley Conference Center and Hotel…a place I won’t go back to for folding money. The lady working the counter (who was nice, despite the rush of geeks, nerds, and writers that had engulfed her) told us that we had a room with 2 doubles..and that flicked my bic. I asked for a manager and was told that con staff had overbooked their rooms and were given the kings…despite reservations for con guests and etc. I asked about a comp’ed night or other resolution and was offered a room across the 4 lane road from the con. NOT a good option for 2 con guests. So, I took our keys and bitched the whole way…2 other visits with that same manager got me buptkis for my efforts. The room was ok, but only worth about $30/night NOT the $75 it had set us back. the main problem was the HEAT inside. I knew Louisville was in the same boat Chester was as far as heat went (and they say global warming’s a myth) but good LORD. The door handle to our room gave me a 1st degree burn when I opened it due to the fact that it was enclosed in glass and made to hold the heat. The vendor’s room was even worse as it was the dumping ground for all the AC exhaust and the pool was not drained. Now, imagine several hundred of the heavier folks you’ve see lately…many in costume OR dressed to sell books or other stuff…in this situation…it wasn’t good. But the panel rooms had AC and 3 of the 4 were well-marked…except for the one I had all my stuff in…of course.  But we survived, though my ghost story gig was a flop, due to the lack of programs.

As far as the actual event, a lack of programs made planning moot for Bill and I, so we decided to romp Louisville while Lexx and Siobhan did their panels (it was Siobhan’s first as a guest). We hit both dealer’s rooms and I got all manner of kewlness (over the course of the weekend)…2 art prints, 3 CDs, 2 books, 2 tee-shirts (one of which is for my dad’s b-day), 2 hand-carved wooded crosses, a DVD and an inflatable space shuttle for Katie. I also got 4 more books, another CD, a map of the mid-west for the US 64 book, 3 comics, and highway maps for KY and TN as well as the usual “ridin'” brochures. I also grabbed several business cards. I got to see Stephen Zimmer; writer of epic fantasy, screenwriter and more, who invited us to come as guests and invited us back, Bobby Nash; writer of neo-pulp and comics, and some other folks. I met Bertena Varney, author and contact for Scarefest, which I am going to try to be a guest at in August (Lucy, look her up on FB..she does vampire reference/non-fiction and wants to invite you too). I saw David Naughton, John Carpenter, Martin Kove,  Robert Carradine, Henry Winkler, who signed a book for Siobhan and induced a geek-out by her, and some other notables.  However, I can’t afford $20 per for signed pictures, so no autographs for me. I also drank some Wild Turkey and Bud Light, especially after Bill and I found Hunter S. Thompson’s boyhood home and I got some pix. Lexxx and Siobhan both kicked butt in their panels. Bill and I also drove over into Indiana over the JFK Bridge over the Ohio River. In addition to all this, we met up with Chad and Kim from Chester and Dale and Mary, two friends of Bill and Siobhan’s from Warcraft and went to the Louisville Slugger factory and tried to see the Da Vinci exhibit at the History Museum (sorry but $40 apiece was a bit steep). We then ate at The Old Spaghetti Factory… home of the best butter and cheese sauce in the WORLD and the site of my first date with my blushing bride way back in 1994 when the one in Charlotte was still open (There’s one in Nashville TN too… is it bad that I want to drive 8 or 10 hours just to go eat there again?). Dale and Mary are good folks. At check-out from the hotel, the manager took pity of us and gave me back $46 for the bait and switch and she even apologized for it.

All in all a good trip, if a bit long for a straight through drive. I hope to go back to Fandom Fest next year and back to Louisville this fall maybe.


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Howdy…sorry for the following, but today flat-out sucked. Hell, the last few days haven’t been all that and a bag o’ chips. First we had the Big Blow of 2011 (aka Duke Energy Can’t Find a Light Switch with Both Hands and a Flashlight) OR (aka The Twister That Didn’t Like Chubby Checker)…I’ll wait while you younguns wiki Chubby Checker to get the reference. 60 hours sans power, 2 nights away from home…not fun, but thanks Lucy and Max for letting us crash.  Then just general hectic weekend (the usual). THEN routine changes which never bode well…and then TODAY.

Today sucked solely because of work. Why would you think it was cool to close up for an hour at mid-day…one of your peak times…without asking anybody if it was ok? And on a related note, why eould you argue with the boss while he is trying to sort out said mess? Here’s a general tip: If I want your opinion, I’ll ask. Otherwise, STFHU! I applaud your loyalty to folks, but dag-gum… Also, if you want the position I’m currently in, ask for it and see what happens. Otherwise, let me TRY to do my job to the best of my feeble ability.

Here’s hoping tomorrow sucks less…hopefully I’ll have another quarter CD playlist…if not another free playlist too…

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