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Now that I have your attention…get thee to iTunes pronto. They have their usual freebies…AND a six song Bob Seeger EP…and if you download iTunes for Facebook, you can get a 15 song sampler of acts from Austin City Limits… That’s 23 FREE songs for a few minutes’ wait. Go already…I will TRY to be back here tomorrow with like actual writing type stuff, or whining about work depending…


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No song listed below is from a CD I paid more than a buck for-

1- Buffalo River Home by John Hiatt

2-Pitch Black by Union County

3- Back in the Day by Figurines

4-I’m Only Human Sometimes by William Control

5-Drive South by Suzy Bogguss

6-Villain by Intelligent Dennis

7-Destination Unknown by Missing Persons

8- Ghosts of Tchoupitoulas Street by The Freewheelers

9- Dead Man Shake by Grandpaboy

10-Killer by Boy Kill Boy

11- Fifty Years After the Fair by Aimee Mann

12- The Ghost of the River by The Anniversary

13-Frankenstein’s Friend by Angel and the Love Mongers

14-Tell Everybody I Know by Keb’ Mo’…LOVE YOU RACHEL

15- Closer to Free by The Bodeans


Go forth and find ’em… sorry it’ll burn up a iTunes card, but not everybody has a Manifest up the road…

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5 good ghost songs…

Kinda stolen from Siobhan Kinkade’s blog…

As folks know, I’m kind of a ghost nut… I tell the stories and have written 3 books on them and they tend to pop up on the old iPod too. That said, Siobhan posted her top 5 fave songs as part of an ongoing song meme… and picking just 5 is cruel, so we’ll play it this way.

1- Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten by Marty Stuart… good new song with its roots in classic honky-tonk…Hank Senior would approve and so would Nancy Roberts

2-Walking With a Ghost by Tegan and Sarah… kinda poppy, a bit more upbeat

3- Haunted Heart by Jo Stafford… old school big-band…from the soundtrack to Gonzo, the documentary about Hunter S Thompson (RIP)

4-Ghosts n Stuff by Deadmau5… more techno and dance than I’m used to, but good writing music (or ridin’ music even)

5- Ghost of a New York Moon by Boechepus King… a good country song about a late night in NYC


And we haven’t touched band names with ghosts OR albums either… Now get thee to iTunes and grab ’em up!

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From the fine folks at Manifest (and their wonderful clearance racks):

All listed tracks are from CDs that I paid less than a buck for…and most are on iTunes-

1-Ghost Town by Will Hawkins

2-That’s Life by Peppers Ghost

3-Death on the Sickbed by the Old Haunts

4-Right As Rain by the Kennedys

5-Ruby by Bochephus King

6-Losing My Mind by Bravo Johnson

7-I’m a Slut by Howlin’ Maggie

8-Blue Collar Man by Travis Tritt

9-Never Bit a Bullet Like This by Sammy Kershaw (with the Ole Possum hisself, George Jones)

10-Hadrians Wall by Maxim

11-Riverside by 13ghosts

12-Picture of Your Daddy by Karen Tobin

13-Workin’ Man’s PhD by Aaron Tippin

14-The Ghost of the Girl in the Well by Willard Grant Conspiracy

15-Welcome to Tally Hall by Tally Hall

16- Key West Intermezzo by John Mellencamp

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Free iTunes playlist…

As threatened…LOL. All of these were free at some point on iTunes and are listed in no particular order.

1-The Bay by Metronomy

2-I Wrote the Book by Beth Ditto

3-Gold Mine by Breanne Duren

4-Surprise, Surprise by Brett Dennen

5-Down by the Water by the Decembrists

6-Living in America by Dom

7-Foster the People by Helena Beat

8-Around My Head by Cage the Elephant

9-New Orleans by Emmylou Harris

10-Walk On by G. Love

11-Angel of Darkness by Hot Tuna

13-For 12 by Other Lives

14- Leaving on the 5th by Voxhaul Broadcast

15- This is What Rock n Roll Looks Like by Porcelain Black and Lil Wayne

16- Staying’s Worse Than Leaving by¬† Sunny Sweeney

17- Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes

18- The Thought of Losing You by Dredg

Some of these are from today…so go get ’em!

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Continuing today’s trend…Itunes now has a selection of free music that pops up every Tuesday. Now, most of it is by people you’ve never heard of but still, it’s worth the money. I’ve snagged some neat playlists (free) of acts from SXSW as well. Some I’ve gotten, played once and forgotten but some have let me to go spend money… Give it a shot, what have you really gotta lose?

Playlists of this stuff coming soon too…

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First, let me add my rose petal to the Grand Canyon of the blogosphere RE: The death of Osama Bin Laden. Glad he’s dead. Glad we treated his body with far more respect than it deserved. And I hope this shows what a true waste the Iraqi invasion was. Could and should have happened YEARS ago.

Anyway, on to less blood-thirsty thoughts. Manifest, the new and used record shop in Charlotte (and Columbia) is one of my favorite spots (that doesn’t sell my books, natch) and the reason is simple: CDS for under a buck. Now, some of you will freeze up when presented by a wall o’ CDs and I want to make you happy at the prospect. First, itunes singles run you about a buck, so that’s our first rule. $1 per song= good deal. If a CD is a buck and you like 2 songs, you win. Now to make browsing easier, if the CDS are under a buck a piece, chuck the 1st rule. Start in the soundtracks and compliations section…if you’ve heard of a song or band, get it. Then start at the As…here’s where having an obsession helps. Find your “thing”…my “thing” is ghosts fer instance. SO if a song, CD title or band includes ghost, haunted or spirit in their arsenal…I’m in. Now hunt for artists you know…grab those too, even if you don’t normally listen to it (regardless of genre or whatever). And away you go…now AFTER you rip said CDs, you can donate them to your local library, so everyone wins!

After I finish off the rest of the novel outline, I’ll post some playlists for your pleasure (?)

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