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Yeah, I know, I’m an awful blogger, but between RL, new boss at work and etc, I have excuses. Anyway, this weekend is MystiCon… the 24th-26 at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood in Roanaoke Va. I dig this con because it’s the first non-Carolinas con I got an invite too, it’s where the wife’s family is from on her mom’s side (as well as my aunt Mary Ann’s), and it’s in some beautiful country. My schedule is up on my FB page and y’all come see me. I’m working on the Civil War Ghosts of SC book… which has a deadline LOOMING.


Work has been hectic. The new Director is good, but wowza, I’m busier now than I was when I was interim. Y’all buy the books and I’ll try to do better with the whole blog thing…


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Can’t wait for the weekend! I’ll be doing a Special Ghost Storytelling Event on Saturday at midnight AND will be on the Paranormal in Fiction panel at 3Pm Sunday…come say HI! And if you bring by any of my books, I’ll sign them! A long ride…good folks and company..and I can show off 2 of my writing minions…Lexx and Siobhan to boot…or rather they can show each other off and be ashamed of me by association… and I’ll have Bill to bore silly too!

Any writer, or in fact anyone who attends these conferences, will tell you that half the fun is getting to know the people.  I’ve met so many wonderful authors, publishers and editors at Sci-Fi Conventions.  In fact, I met the publisher  of Creek Walking at ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC.  A lot of people don’t realize that many of the authors, media guests and vendors do several of these conventions each year, as do the people who are faithful attendees.  Therefore, you often get to see the same people at the conventions and start to forge friendships that exist beyond Facebook.  This is the part I love best– collecting friends.  Stephen Zimmer, Marcia Collette, Dahlia Rose, Bobby Nash, Dorian Wallace and Nicole Kurtz are just a few of the author friends I’ve made doing the Con thing.  I hope that Fandom Fest will be as fruitful for my collection.–the above was swiped from Lexx Christian’s blog…somehow that vanished in the original post…

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Here I am!

Howdy y’all…feel free to go pick up one of my true books of South Carolina ghostlore from the History Press (by Tally Johnson) or either an e-copy or paper copy of Creek Walking (from Sugar and Spice Press and on amazon) to get a taste of what’s to come…

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